Our Educators

Our Preschool Educators are qualified, experienced Teachers who provide innovative programs designed to assist your child to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually physically and creatively.

We work alongside the children, guiding and encouraging them through their learning experiences. Staff also encourage children to work together in problem solving, making decisions and in being caring, considerate and accepting of others.

We aim to provide an environment when children can grow, learn and explore. Children are encouraged to question, reflect, wonder, create, discover, thrive, experiment and be happy confident learners.

Educator Profiles

Nicole Winks - nicole@boroondarapreschool.vic.edu.au

4 year old Educator (Platypus group) and Educational Leader/Nominated Supervisor

Fiona McLean - fiona@boroondarapreschool.vic.edu.au

4 year old Co-Educator (Platypus and Kookaburra groups) and Administration Officer

Caroline Rogers - caroline@boroondarapreschool.vic.edu.au

3 year old Educator (Wombat group)

Emma Lloyde - emma@boroondarapreschool.vic.edu.au

3 year old Co-Educator (Wombat and Kookaburra groups)

Mandy Jin - mandy@boroondarapreschool.vic.edu.au

4 year old Educator (Kookaburra group)